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This location is my absolute favourite. Its one of these magical places where the parking lot can be packed, but you never cross anyone’s path the entire time you are there. It’s this cute little park, basically on a back road where most people probably would never go unless they are local, so when my […]


Sep 16, 2020

Janssens Family – KernCliff Park – FAMILY SESSION

Gage Park Engagement Photography Jacqueline Boers Photography

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Hamilton is probably the place I shoot the most. There are SO many beautiful places in Hamilton to capture images… but one that I have never taken photos as is Gage Park. So when Jordan and James suggested Gage Park, I was intrigued. Last time I had been to Gage Park was when the greenhouse […]


Aug 24, 2020

Jordan And James– Gage Park – Engagement SESSION

Hamilton Photography - Branding Session

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Emily needed some updated pictures – so golden hour mini session on the beach it was! Goodness, I love these photos so much! It was so much fun to hang out on the beach and get those updated profile and linked in images for her!  


Aug 20, 2020


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You might notice that I don’t post a lot of family/new born sessions.  I really don’t do them all that often. Due to the fact that I only do outdoor/in home life style sessions and since I specialize in weddings and engagement it just doesn’t leave a lot of time for these sessions. This one […]


Nov 16, 2019

Rhys Edward – At Home – Family Session

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Oh. My. Goodness. This venue was the DREAM. It was a quaint little hotel, but their venue space was absolutely gorgeous and I felt so honored to be able to shoot a wedding in their space. Clearly the people in charge of the decor at the Elmhurst Inn and Spa know what they are doing. […]


Jul 20, 2019

Gillian and Patrick – Elmhurst Inn and Spa – Wedding

Photography by Jacqueline Boers Photography