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Szpyrka Family– VanWagners Beach – FAMILY Session

After COVID caused all my weddings to be cancelled (except one coming up in two weeks which I am beyond excited for), but families started to contact me. I always shoot a handful of family sessions each year, but never a tremendous amount because I am so busy with weddings. But this year people SHOWED UP. It has felt busy these past few weeks, not as busy as shooting weddings, but to have a constant flow of new pictures in my editing queue has given me a sense of normal and that has been so nice. I am sad that the photography “season” is winding down, as the days get shorter and the weather gets colder. But the next few weeks will be busy and hopefully we never experience a pandemic again in our life time that shuts the world down like this has.

But enough about COVID – and take a look at these super sweet pictures we took on the beach a few weeks ago. Yay for Foil balloons, beautiful beaches and beautiful people!


Photography by Jacqueline Boers Photography