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JACKIE AND GABE – Hamilton Bayfront – Post Wedding Photoshoot

It’s no joke that COVID-19 has made SO many couples re-think their wedding plans, and I have no doubt that weddings to a certain degree will be forever changed.

Jackie and Gabe got married last Saturday, they had a small wedding with about 25 of their closest friends and family, but couldn’t go on a honeymoon. So we did a newly-wed honeymoon shoot! It was a great way to document a different kind of honeymoon and the pictures turned out so great.

Before either of us left our homes we were texting because the clouds looked dark, we decided to give it a shot. The second we got together it started to spit, but was on and off so we just kept going. in the last 5 minutes of the shoot it started to POUR. So instead of running back to our cars in a panic, we decided to embrace it and got some super fun photos as a result! I absolutely LOVE to shoot in the rain!

And can we talk about Jackie’s ring!? How beautiful!


Photography by Jacqueline Boers Photography