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Naznin – Royal Botanical Gardens – Maternity

I don’t shoot a lot of maternity sessions, my primary focus is on my brides and couples. But I am never not happy to do a session, so when Naznin contacted me I was excited to take the session! Especially because it was off season for weddings so it seemed like the PERFECT opportunity to get outside and shoot (and by outside I mean inside at the RBG because it was the beginning of March)… but like… can EVERYONE get their photos done here?! How gorgeous and tropical is this spot! Ahh. I loved this session so much!

Little did I know this would be my last session for a long time, not even 2 weeks after this session the state of emergency was put in place for Ontario. It was now illegal for me to shoot, not to mention there was nowhere to even go shoot. As we start closing the book on that chapter (hopefully forever — no covid re-occurrence here PLEASE!)  I am going back into new sessions with a new sense of desire. Photography was never intentional for me, it just happened. I don’t do it full time, but maybe one day I’d like to change that.

I spent 3 months in Covid having no desire to look or pick up my camera, I didn’t want to blog, or edit, or take pictures. Anything related to my small business I gave up on. Now that the restrictions are slowly lifting I am feeling myself coming out of the plateau. I am excited for this next chapter.

But before you go… check out these beautiful pictures of Naznin


Photography by Jacqueline Boers Photography