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Emily And Eric – Engagement

Photography has been my favorite way to reconnect with old friends. I love when someone that I haven’t seen in years wants me to take their engagement and wedding photos.  Not only is it an honour to be hired to capture these special moments for anyone, but it is especially special to reconnect with old friends and get to be part of their special day. If I’m not part of someones wedding day and I know that they got married, I pretty much cyber stock them until I get to see pictures! Haha, so it is a Win-Win to be part of these special moments!

My afternoon with Emily and Eric was so fun. We hadn’t seen each other in probably 4 or 5 years, so getting to laugh at our old McDonald’s days, groovin to cruise at 5 AM, and spilling coffee and ice all over the floor are just some of our beloved memories, and those are just the most recent. We go all the way back to preschool!

I am so excited to watch these two tie the not in September!

Congratulations you two!


Photography by Jacqueline Boers Photography